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From an early age Roger has carved stone, a medium he has always found intriguing, due to its variations of softness, hardness, texture and colour.

After many years he decided to train as a stone mason and enrolled on a full time Architectural Stone Masonry and Carving course and was awarded a City and Guilds Advanced Craft Diploma with Distinction.

While subsequently working for Salisbury Cathedral on the Spire and West Front he continued to sculpt and exhibiting around the country.

After leaving the Cathedral he set up his own studio to continue his passion for stone sculpture and has exhibited in London and on the Continent.  Commissioned sculpture and carving work can be found in London, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Wilton House, Winchester and schools in Wiltshire and Hampshire.
Roger is a Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.


I am frequently asked where I get my ideas and inspiration from.  The answer is not an easy one to explain, due to not really knowing myself. An idea can come from a passage in a book or a piece of music, an image from nature or industry. 

From that starting point I look for a way to realise the idea sculpturally; I pare back the image in my mind so that I get to the essence of the idea without losing the original form.  This process can take a long time, weeks and sometimes months of imagining how the eventual image will be turned into a sculpture.

For me, form is at the root of my work.  The juxtaposition of curves and flat planes are of the utmost importance in my sculpture, which I hope will be pleasing to the touch and to the eye.  

 CRADLING LimestoneAlabaster KING QUEEN  NUNC DIMITTIS  SHORE Marble on timber Portland. 142x75x65 


Kilkenny Fossil Limestone & Alabaster on Oak
30L x 36D x 61H cms


King & Queen

Onyx & Portuguese marble on granite
20L x 14D x 59H cms


Nunc Dimittis

Alabaster on Acrylic
24L x 20D x 43H cms



Carrara morale on timber on Portland Roach
56L x 65D x 122H cms


 SWIFT Carrara marble Where Over There   DOUBLE VORTEX Red Travertine  CARDO marble on veneered plinth


Carrara marble
120L x 120D x 56H cms


Where? Over There!

Carrara marble on Blue Purbeck
40L x 40D x 63H cms


Double Vortex

Red Travertine
51L x 22D x 22H cms



Carrara marble on veneered plinth
1000L x 430D x 2000H cms