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Richard Horner is a self-taught fine artist and described himself as a die-in-the wool Yorkshireman but for the last 30 years has been living in self-imposed exile in Wiltshire. Born in the Fifties, and brought up in the picturesque surround of the Yorkshire dales, Richard has pursed his art at varying degrees of competence over his long professional life. He has dabbled in most mediums but finds the switching between Watercolour and Oil his most rewarding.

Subject matter ranges from landscapes, still life to portraits with the living world his inspiration. Some of these creations have also been accompanied by self-penned poetry. 

Richard is also one of the three founder members of the Avon and Bourne Valley Art Exhibition. Undertaken over a weekend, each year, usually in the middle of May. Located in the small Salisbury Plain village of Figheldean and attracts circa 300 exhibits from mostly amateur artists. 

The exhibition is now in its tenth year, has free entry to the general public, but encourages voluntary donations which are donated to local charities. 

For more information about this annual arts event, please email me.


A variety of subject matter stimulates my creativity from photoshoots to real life. It's my visual imagination and the white canvas that generates the urge to fill the blank void with something selling a message. Taking me on journey of discovery - sometimes quite negative, but most of the time the idea or subject matter fuels a reasonable result.

Art work - each piece is measured from the outside edge of the canvas or frame if included.


Misty Shawford 

Indian Dancer 


Cathedral from Harnham

Watercolour - framed
53cm x 80cm


St Michael's Mount

Watercolour - framed
45cm x 56cm


Stonehenge Sunset

Watercolour - framed print
56cm x 31cm


The Trinity

Oil - framed canvas
71cm x 87cm


Pannage The Banyan Tree 
Evening on the Exefull


Oil on canvas
41cm x 51cm



Acrylic on paper - framed
50cm x 71cm


Looking through the blast

Mixed media on canvas
41cm x 51cm


Virgin Mary

Acrylic - canvas
61cm x 46cm