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I was born 1966 and raised in salisbury. I am a self taught artist and from a young age have always been interested in art and crafts, making and painting things.

My interests include English history, nature and wildlife and these are reflected in my paintings.


My art is mainly in acrylics. I paint landscapes (which are mostly of the Wiltshire ancient sites) cityscapes and seascapes. I also do a bit of abstract and surrealism.
I make my own canvas boards from plywood which allows me to paint up to 8x4’ in size! I also make sub frames for the canvases.
My new paintings reflect life in lockdown.
​Below is a selection of my current work.
Forever Autumn Avebury Moonlight  MORNING DAWN   The New Normal

Forever Autumn

Acrylic-canvas board mounted
12" x12"


Avebury Moonlight

24” x 24”


Morning Dawn

Acrylic - on board
24" x 24"


The New Normal

Giclee fine art print
16” x 16”


Ghost Towm Toucantango TABOO MUDEFORD 
Ghost Town

Giclee fine art print
16” x 16”


Framed giclee fine art print
16” x 16”



Acrylic - on board
24x" 24"



Acrylic on board
32" x 18"


"Fantastically atmospheric, capturing the soul of the English countryside."   Jay M - Salisbury​

"I've got a landscape of Stonehenge in my house. Whenever people come over they always compliment it!"   Lauren - Salisbury