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Mia had a love of jewellery from an early age, spending days as a child beach combing for beautiful stones to make into necklaces for her Grandmother. After University, Mia spent her early career working in prestigious London jewellery stores and grading diamonds for De Beers. 

Having exchanged London for a studio in her beautiful hometown of Salisbury in order to start Mijoux Creations, Mia produces gorgeous handmade silver and gemstone jewellery, inspired by nature, water and the beauty of geometry. Mijoux Creations makes affordable jewellery to make you smile, give as unique presents or show someone special that you love them.


I create handmade silver, gemstone and enamel jewellery. I draw my inspiration from nature, the world around me and often beautiful colours or patterns. I regularly exhibit with Salisbury Art Scene as well as at various handmade events across the South West. You can find me in pop-up shops and online where my full range of jewellery is on my website. I am happy to take new commissions and love the opportunity to chat with people about their jewellery and the history behind it.

Below is a small selection of my jewellery which I hope you will enjoy. I want my jewellery to make people smile, lift spirits or remind them of special moments in their life. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any special requirements, I always love to chat about jewellery!

2.Gold plated silver two circle pendant 
 8.Patterned silver wrap rings multi leaf  1. Bee light blue enamel marquise drop earrings
5.Boho silver pendant pattern 

 Solid silver and gold plated

double circle pendant


Silver Bamboo pattern wrap rings

£35 each

Blue enamel bee

drop earrings


Silver Boho pendant


 3.Boho silver drop earrings pattern  4.Arum lily flower silver pearl pendant drop earrings  7.Iris silver teardrop drop earrings 6.Enamel triangle stud earrings blue teal purple red 

 Silver boho drop earrings


Silver arum lily pendant and drop earrings with pearls

Pendant £35 - Earrings £35

Silver Iris drop earrings


 Enamel triangle stud earrings

various colours

£17 each