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Harriet graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2010 with a degree in Textile Crafts, specialising in knitting. 

After university Harriet returned back to Salisbury to share a studio at NewRED Artist Space, where she took part in numerous exhibitions and events until 2012. Harriet has also exhibited across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset including shows at Salisbury Art Centre.

Between 2014 - 2020 Harriet was a teacher of Art and worked at schools including Bishops Wordsworth & The Wellington Academy. 

Harriet has now taken the leap to learn to be a plumber, which she does alongside working in her art studio.


I am interested in using sustainable materials within my artwork in combination with foraged items. This economical approach to art led me to learn about natural dyeing as this encapsulates my environmental awareness with my love of muted colours. 

I enjoy the processes of textiles as they are often methodical and almost feel like a science experiment, which can be really exciting. 

I source my yarns and fabric from local, independent shops and make my own natural dyes and mordants. The abundance and variety of nature around me in Newton Tony allows me to extract a wide range of natural colour. 

Buddleia (mustard yellow) from my garden, sloes (deep purple) from Green Walk or acorns (dark grey) from the forest. I also enjoy using kitchen waste (onion skins, avocado husks) as it provides even more variation in colour. Once the fibres have been dyed and washed I then design and make the planters and other products.  

The exciting element for me comes from never quite knowing how the fibres will take to the dyes or mordants until they are washed. 

A continuation in the sustainable theme is seen all the way through my work and even in the plants I sell: these are propagated or grown from kitchen waste seeds, such as peppers or chilli’s!

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Knitted Cotton Planter

Blackberry dye & natural mordants
36cm x 36cm


Knitted Cotton Planter

White onion skins & natural mordants
17cm x 12cm


Knitted Bamboo Planter

Indigo dye & natural mordants
9cm x 12cm

£12  sold

Cotton Planter

Cyanotype botanical imagery
10cm x 10cm


 IMG 20210103 112352 966 1  save 1 DSC01189   save3 1


Beech nut dyed patchwork
36cm x 36cm


100% Cotton Tote Bag

Indigo & madder dye
37cm x 35cm

£9.50  sold

100% Cotton Tote Bag

Rust dye & Iron mordant
35cm x 35cm


100% Cotton Tote Bag

Indigo & Marigold dye
35cm x 35cm