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With glass Geraldine’s imagination is captured as each piece is unique and of the moment.  The material incorporates fluidity, beauty and reflection. It can be flamboyant and subtle, controlled yet contrary but always seductive.  

Geraldine uses two techniques, fusing and casting.  With fusing, rich textural surfaces are built up to produce colour, shade and tone focusing on abstraction and natural patterns.  When finished, these pieces can be wall hung as panels or carved to create standing sculptures.  Firing can go up to 860° C and kiln time can be up to 48 hours, plus cooling to room temperature.  Often a piece will require several firings depending on the design.

When casting Geraldine makes her own shapes from clay or wax from which plaster moulds are produced.  After fine tuning of the plaster, glass is placed in the moulds according to the design, and the pieces are fired.  Depending on the size and depth of the glass being fired, kiln time can be up to 2 weeks. After firing each piece has to be cold worked with grinders and polishers until the desired result is achieved. 


I am influenced by nature, especially water, the sea, and all marine associations plus Earth patterns and the human footprint.  What’s yet to be? the undiscovered. My first three pieces shown below are sculptures for the garden.

Ocean - Layers of decorated glass cast together to give depth. Ocean stands in a limestone base.

Scree - Cast glass depicting a rocky landslide. Scree stands in a plinth of paving slabs. This piece will have a lizard sitting on it later this year.

Reef - Two circles of glass, one on each side showing reef life suspended on a clear circle of glass. The glass is fixed to a stainless steel stand which stands on garden slabs.

 1 Ocean 2 Scree 10  3 Reef x copy  7 Landscape 


84 x 28 x 4 cms  



50 x 20 x 10 cms



50cms circle





5 Triptych  4 Wave 1 8 The Thaw  6 Ammonite caste glass 


Three panels
60x20cms each



Kiln fused glass


The Thaw




Caste glass