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Often our truest passions emerge in childhood.  For Dawn it was making mud pies in the garden as a young child!
Dawn's love for clay was nurtured during her teenage years at school.   She was fortunate to have an inspirational teacher who encouraged her to develop her skills and creativity, giving her the inspiration, freedom and confidence to explore the infinite possibilities within each soft lump of clay. 
Although pottery took a back seat, Dawn continued to be creative studying Music and Art at university, leading to a career in music and broadcasting, and later as a secondary school teacher.  She taught music and art and it was while teaching clay projects that her own passion for creating pottery reignited.  She has continued creating in clay ever since. 
Dawn's return to ceramics coincided with self-building a sustainable, carbon neutral eco home with her husband.  It made sense to go one step further and build Dawn's  pottery studio in the garden, with solar panels generating electricity to fire the kiln and power her studio.   
Reaching her long held ambition, Dawn is now a full time potter and has recently launched her business Soul Fired Ceramics.


Handmade pottery is wonderfully tactile and the feel of each piece is important to me.  I'm inspired by the kinesthetic nature of making and creating functional ceramic art that feels good to hold when being used, loved and enjoyed everyday.  Functional items don't have to be ordinary!

I mostly use white stoneware clay and combine hand-building, throwing and decorative techniques to create smooth, refined forms.  When the form is finished and completely dry it is bisque fired in the kiln to 1000°C.

The next stage is glazing and another kiln firing of 1220°C.  I love experimenting with reactive glazes to create fluidity of colour.  Layering and combining multiple glazes provides infinite and exciting variations of cascading effects where no two outcomes are the same. This makes each opening of the kiln unpredictable and very exciting and truly gives each individual piece its own unique character.

All my pottery items are food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for pottery with others.  I offer individual tuition and group courses where students can learn and develop a range of skills and experience the many theraputic benefits of creating.  Visit my workshop page for details.

My work has been exhibited nationally and I have taken part in many local events including the Salisbury Arts Scene's monthly events and Hampshire Open Studios.

I have undertaken several commissions and I love designing and creating individual, one of kind pieces to a clients own ideas and specifications. 

All of my work is.............Made from the Soul ~ Fired by the Sun 


Misty Shawford 

Indian Dancer 


BUBBLES - large lantern

White stoneware clay


CREST OF A WAVE - lantern

White stoneware clay



White stoneware clay



White stoneware clay




The Banyan Tree 


Evening on the Exefull

 JUGS - various sizes

White stoneware clay

£15 - £45


White stoneware clay

£26 each


White stoneware clay

£25 each


White stoneware clay

£20 each

"I recently purchased a lovely lantern from Soul Fired Ceramics along with two soul mugs. They look stunning, especially the lantern when lit. Quality is brilliant and love the fact they are made using renewable energy and are sustainable, to be kept forever. I also had a commission piece done which was exactly what I wanted, thank you. Will definitely be purchasing again."  Jo, Salisbury

"I have now bought several pieces of Dawn's pottery, all are beautifully made and her use of glaze makes for colourful and original work. She combines function with unique design and harmonious colour, and we have enjoyed using all the pieces in our home. She undertook a commission for a cheese dish which I'm delighted with. Dawn is a very talented lady."  Claire, Salisbury