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When I left teaching a little while ago I certainly did not intend to teach any more!

However, barely two hours had passed at my first craft fair before I had unearthed my crochet hook and yarn, attracted interest in what I was making, and found myself inadvertently teaching again…

Nowadays demonstrating at events is on a par with selling my creations but it’s never to ‘show off’ my skills, it is to engage, inform and inspire onlookers to participate in yarn crafts, because one of the uplifting things about being creative is that ‘YESSSS!’ moment when you master a skill or finish a project to your satisfaction -  the other uplifting thing is helping someone else achieve a ‘YESSS!’ moment of their own…

And that’s why I offer bespoke 1:1 tutorial sessions and Yarn Club Creatives sessions, so that anyone who wants to learn, improve or be inspired by yarn can engage and enjoy the process and complete a project at their own pace. 

I will work alongside each student to support the acquisition of skills, research the techniques, provide the encouragement and resource the materials and equipment needed to get to that ‘YESSS!’ moment!


Step by Step tuition to learn to spin, knit or crochet from each student’s personal starting point, at their own pace. 

These bespoke 1:1 consultation sessions tailored to individual requirements are suitable for absolute beginners as well as for existing crafters who require help, advice or inspiration to move their skills forward. 

When booking students will be asked about existing art and craft skills and achievements, and what they hope to get from the session. 

Students will also need to provide their own equipment and yarn or fibre. (Kits are available from my shop or contact me for more information.)

£20  1:1 held online - 1 hour sessions

Price includes:

A personalised 1:1 spinning / knitting / crochet 1hour interactive tutorial based on the information given when booking. 

A written personalised post-session report covering activities undertaken and feedback given during session, together with suggested relevant tips,  technique, pattern or project for the student to undertake to move their skills forward, sent via email straight after the session. 

Either a 20g skein of hand spun yarn for knitting/crocheting, or 30g blended fibre for spinning sent by post straight after the session – student to supply address when booking.

1:1 tuition: Yarn Studio, Home Farm, Whiteshoot


​Not just a 'Knit and Natter', more than a 'Crochet and Chat', this gathering is for Spinners, Knitters, Crocheters, Weavers - anyone who uses yarn to create!

Hopefully it will grow holistically as we go to serve the needs of the participants, but first and foremost it will be a place for yarn creatives to gather, learn, create, share, inspire, collaborate or just BE in a community of like-minded individuals.

Participants should bring their current spinning, knitting, crochet or weaving work in progress to show, share and work on during the session.

Come along and enjoy two hours of yarn enthusiasm with other attendees in a studio setting.

£15  2 hour club meetings - Max 6 places

Price includes:

Either - one 20g skein of hand spun yarn and one printed pattern and project for either knitting, crochet or weaving.

Or - one 30g blended fibre and one printed technique and project for spinning or weaving

Hot drink and cake!


"I purchased a Stick Spinning Kit from A Tail of Yarn, followed the short online tutorial video sent to me and was so happy with the my new found skill I posted a picture of the yarn I spun to show what I had achieved!

Thank you again @a_tail_of_yarn - this spinning I can do!" :o)